Thursday, March 16, 2017

Vision Map

Vision Map by Joel Malm

This book is a step-by-step guide to creating a map to help you achieve your goals, also known as creating a vision map. Malm really does a great job describing how to make that map. He also keeps it pretty interesting throughout the whole book even including red scribbles (underlines, circles, arrows) as if he has personally written in your book.

The introduction states “There  are no overnight success stories” and I think that’s great to include right there in the beginning of the book. This book is a guide to making your plan, not a guide to fix all your problems before your morning cup of coffee tomorrow.

So for people like me, self-help books are usually too boring a read. This one is not so. Each chapter starts with a piece of Malm’s journey to success and his story truly is both interesting and inspiring. It follows with the portion explaining the part of the step that the chapter covers. Lastly, it ends with a verse or quote of inspiration.

This is a wonderful faith-based self-help book to create your vision map. It even includes a few samples in the back!

I received this book for free from MP Newsroom in exchange for this honest review.

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