Friday, August 5, 2016

Two Minutes in the Bible Through Psalms by Boyd Bailey - A Book Review

I received this book free from, a fabulous source to get free ebooks in exchange for review. This review is truthful to my own opinion.

This book is actually a 90 day devotional. I completely read the book in one day due to the fact I have a 30 day deadline on all book reviews and had trouble putting it down, but I plan to do a more in depth study over the next 90 days.

I want to start out by saying that Boyd Bailey is a talented writer. You'll find his writings to be both truthful and easy to understand. He masterfully interprets Bible verses into plain English, in-depth studies while keeping the whole truth. 

As for the book, it's a great tool. As I stated before, I have completely read the book, but I also plan to add it to my daily devotions over the next 90 days because it is such a wonderful tools. Each day features at least one Bible verse, a devotion, study questions, and Bible reference on the day's topic for if you would like to do further reading.

5 Stars and I'm looking forward to his next devotional!

P. S.

I apologize for a shortened review. It's due to the fact that devotionals have no pot line or characters for me to comment on. Devotionals are tools, not stories. Happy reading!

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