Thursday, August 4, 2016

Waiting For Morning by Karen Kingsbury - Book Review

I want to start by saying I've always been a fan of Karen Kingsbury's writing. She's extremely talented at writing realistic pieces that often hit close to home. I usually find myself in tears multiple times while reading any of her books. Waiting For Morning is certainly no exception. With realistic characters, a realistic plot, and the ever so real loss that so many of us have gone through this book is both a good read and a tool. It's a guide within a story about God's love and overcoming loss.

Along with loss comes a very real emotion: Anger. The main character, Hannah Ryan, is completely overcome with rage and a yearn for revenge towards Brian Wesley, a drunk driver who killed her husband and one of her daughters. As a result, Hannah shuts the Lord from her life.

Hannah has a second daughter still with her, relying on her. With the help of two loving supporters she is able to overcome her anger and find healing in forgiveness.

Karen is famous for tear-jerking books, but also happy endings. I do encourage this read, but it did trigger a lot of repressed emotions that left me feeling somewhat depressed. However, the book is wonderful. Five stars!

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